Buying Mobile Home

mobile home

Most first-time home purchasers just consider single-family homes, however, have you considered purchasing a manufactured house? Manufactured houses, while not as mainstream, have one major preferred standpoint: they normally have more space or conveniences for the cash. In any case, purchasing and financing a manufactured house is altogether different from conventional home purchasing.

If you are considering purchasing a manufactured home, here is the thing that you have to know:

Type of Manufactured Home

Manufactured houses are sold as either single wide or double wide. Typically manufactured houses have a smaller casing. Inside, rooms are generally associated with each other as opposed to isolated by lobbies. With a double fold manufactured house, the width is generally equivalent to two single-wide units joined to each other, which enables the trailer to look more like a standard single-family house.

When you purchase manufactured home, you will need to discover an area where you can put it. Some lander bundle mobile home with land and sell it to the buyer. One can buy mobile home and land separately. In larger cities manufactured home owner lease the lots in trailer parks.

Purchasing a manufactured house: Funding choices

In case you choose to finance the cost of your trailer or land, the guidelines are somewhat not quite the same as those for standard single-family homes.
Owners can apply for these loan types if qualify VA, FHA, USDA, and conventional home loans for manufactured homes. When looking for financing keep in mind the home must be built after 1976 and permanently affixed to the ground and not on leased land. Many people think that when purchasing a manufactured home a large down payment is required, but that’s just not true depending on the loan program you can qualify for down payment as low as zero to five percent.

Insuring Manufactured Home

Coverage on a mobile home is different than the coverage on a stick built house mobile homes tend to depreciate every year in value so you need to look at your policy and make sure you don’t over insure it. Pay close attention to market value versus the actual cash value meaning what the home is actually worth now. A mobile home insurance should cover the basic three things a dwelling which is the house the structure, the personal property inside meaning all of your belongings in the home and also have liability coverage, covering you in case someone trips in your house and sue you.


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